Workplace Injustice – How It May Lead To Collective Action

What is Mobilisation Theory?

“Mobilisation Theory is a Workplace Injustice that motivates workers to engage in Collective Action for a particular outcome.”

Course Content:

This one-day training course is designed to give participants an understanding on Mobilisation Theory; for workplace injustice or issues to gain traction, members must acquire and successfully Mobilise resources to their advantage to achieve their goals. The course will include clear steps on Organising to increase capacity and strength towards Collective Action.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this training course participants will be able to:

  • Understand Mobilisation Theory from their Employers perspective
  • Understand the importance of Organising and Mobilising Collectively
  • Define their Interests in Collective Terms
  • Identify Leaders and Activists
  • Form Organising Committees
  • Develop Union Structure

*Mandate’s Western Divisional Organiser, Dr. John Carty who successfully completed his PhD (in NUIG), utilising Mobilization Theory as a lens, to examine Industrial Relations in the Irish retail sector, is available to give a course on the above. This Mobilization Theory course can help build trade unionism in your workplace. *

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