Membership fee

How much does it cost to join?

Mandate Trade Union membership costs €4 per week or €17.33 per month. If for any reason your employment circumstances change, you should contact the membership department, where our team can advise you of other potential alternative payment options.

It is the responsibility of the member to contact Mandate to inform the Union of their changing circumstances. Members can apply for the reduced rate by emailing

Apply to join Mandate Trade Union here.

Lapsed Membership Policy and Registration:

  1. For workers expressing an interest in reconciling their subs, waivers will be applied if the following criteria is met on a once off basis:
  2. a) Is the non-payment due to a technical issue with the members financial institution e.g. card out of date, closure of bank
  3. b) Has the member reinstated / recommenced payment or is the non-payment within a total period of 8 weeks.

If step (a) and (b) are met, arrears waiver is granted on a once off basis and no further waivers will be granted. Waiver amount will depend on the period lapsed and whether the individual is a weekly Payer or Monthly Payer.

  1. Registration Fee

2.1.1     Members who wish to re-join for the first time will not be charged a new registration fee.

2.1.2     Members who continuously leave and re-join will be charged a registration fee as per the scale highlighted below and subject to the criteria set out in 2.3 below.

  • Lapsed Membership Period & Registration Fee Scale:
  1. a) 0 to 6 months €17.33
  2. b) 6 to 12 months €34.66
  3. c) 12 to 18 months €51.99
  4. d) 18 to 24 months €69.32
  5. e) Over €100.00
  • Criteria to which Registration Fee Scale Applies:

2.3.1     If the worker continues employment with the same employer, decides intermittingly to leave and re-join the Union, they will be charged the appropriate registration fee.

2.3.2     If the workers lapse in membership and starts employment with a new employer within the same sphere of influence e.g. retail, license trade, no registration fee will be charged, however the 8 week rule will apply in accordance with the Unions rulebook.

  • Lapsed Membership Period due to Maternity/Adoptive Leave, illness or temporary unemployment.

2.4.1     For periods of maternity/adoptive leave or Illness or temporary unemployed, a reduced fee of €1 per week applies, if you wish to pay for your missed weeks/months subscription payment, at this reduced rate, you are fully covered by the services of your Union in line with the Unions rule book. However, if you do not wish to maintain your membership during this period and you wish to recommence payment following a return to work, no registration fee will apply and the eight-week rule will apply in accordance with the Unions rule book.

(Registration/Re-joiner Fees etc. are subject to change and are at the Discretion of Mandate’s National Executive Committee)