Privacy Policy

This statement details Mandate Trade Union’s collection and use of personal data in the context of Mandate’s email newsletter and companion website. The information we gather is detailed in the following paragraphs. All subscriber data is stored in a highly secure facility and we do NOT share subscriber information with third parties.

When you sign up for the Mandate email newsletter, we collect and save your email address. We use this information to send you regular Mandate newsletters. If you wish to discontinue your subscription or to change your format preference, you can do so through the subscription area present on every copy of the newsletter, or the link at the bottom of the newsletter, and also on the newsletter’s homepage.

Your clicks on links in the newsletter and in the companion website are saved. These and the open statistics are used in aggregate form to give us an indication of the popularity of the content and to help us make decisions about future content and formatting.

Each issue of the newsletter may carry a survey. Participation in the survey is voluntary. Individual responses are saved and used to prevent multiple voting by any individual.

If you have queries or concerns about any aspect of the privacy statement detailed here, please contact Mandate Trade Union Head Office.