Mandate Trade Union – the retail, bar and administrative workers’ union.

Mandate is a union of over 40,000 workers across Ireland. Our members join together where we work to protect and improve our conditions of employment. It is often necessary for us to join together so that the companies we work for take us seriously on issues that concern us such as decent hours, pay rates, job security and fair treatment.

Mandate offers support and advice on how you and your co-workers can form a union in your own workplace.

Why I’m a Mandate member

“I believe the work and ability that us as Mandate members have is important to those who unfortunately don’t have the confidence and know how to stand up for themselves and their rights. I believe that without Mandate we would not have the working standards that we have today.”

Colette Conaghan Penneys Co. Donegal

“I have been provided with expert support, tools and education that has been vital to my and my colleagues fairer treatment in the workplace. I have the support and backing of over 40,000 members from all walks of life and they have mine. The support is real at shop level right up to the national level for all issues, negotiations and training.”

Ross MacMahon Tesco Co. Dublin

“I know that with Mandate behind me I will always have support, advice and experienced people to stand by me. I feel safer in my employment knowing that this advice and support is readily available should I need it.”

Stephanie Thompson Heatons Co. Limerick

Mandate – Youth Network

Mandate Youth Network brings together a Network of young Mandate activists united on issues and concerns both at home and abroad and allows us to promote within Mandate the voice of youth.

As young workers, we face specific issues not just at work but across society in general. Our Youth Network will build a strong representative voice and we will use organising and campaigning as the key to building that voice and to constructing a stronger and more representative Mandate Trade Union.

Mandate Youth Network now needs your involvement as we work to develop programmes of action for all young workers in our Union. We are the future of the Trade Union Movement, help us to shape that future.

If you are interested in joining our Network, learning more about the Network or joining Mandate, contact us at Mandate Youth Network at O’Lehane House, 9 Cavendish Row, Dublin 1, Telephone 01 8746321. Or alternatively send us an email at