Mandate Youth to host Social and Political Economy training course

Thursday 3 February 2022

Mandate Trade Union’s Youth Committee is to host a two-day Social and Political Economy training event on Monday 21st February and Tuesday 22nd February in Mandate’s Organising & Training Centre in Dublin.

The course is available to members under the age of 35 but spaces are limited. Anyone wishing to attend should email as soon as possible.

The course will be delivered by Trademark Belfast and will cover the following topics:

Historical Capitalism

  • The Great Transformation and the Age of Capital
  • Fordism, Taylorism and Consumer Capitalism
  • Keynesianism, the New Deal and the Welfare Compromise

The Global Financial Crisis

  • Classical Liberalism and Neo-Liberalism
  • The emergence of Finance Capital
  • The Great Recession and GFC 2008

Alternative economics and alternative economies

  • Green Industrial Revolution and the Just Transition
  • Democratising the economy

Trade Union Organizing

  • What is a trade union and what does it do?
  • Recruitment and organizing – Building a strong and active union
  • What is union power and how do we build it?
  • Building union campaigns – past and present