Estee Lauder workers in Dublin Airport to ballot for industrial action

Friday 28 August 2020

Mandate members employed by Estee Lauder in Dublin Airport are to participate in a ballot for industrial action in an effort to prevent the implementation of 22 compulsory redundancies.

The company employs 50 workers in the business and has refused to attend the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC).

Mandate say they wish to negotiate around the principle of voluntary rather than compulsory redundancy, the terms of the redundancy package, the selection criteria as well as the terms & conditions of those employees who remain in the business.

Estee Lauder are insisting on implementing compulsory redundancies on statutory terms.

Mandate Divisional Organiser Robert McNamara said: “This is one of the largest cosmetic firms on the planet and they are attempting to force compulsory redundancies on their workers while making them reapply for their jobs.”

He added, “The company are also attempting to cut premium rates for workers who remain. This type of behaviour during a pandemic is reprehensible. We have put forward alternative proposals to the company with a voluntary scheme and a fair redundancy package but unfortunately the company are determined to aggressively make savings at the expense of their workers.”

Mr McNamara concluded: “We will be balloting our members for industrial action but we sincerely hope the company decides to come to the table and resolve this dispute amicably before it escalates.”

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