Mandate Seeks Action by Employers to Protect Shop Workers in Face of Coronavirus

Tuesday 3 March 2020

Over recent days Mandate has received an increasing number of enquiries from our members seeking to establish what provisions their employers should be adhering to following the first reported diagnosis of the coronavirus in the Republic of Ireland.

Mandate Assistant General Secretary Gerry Light has corresponded to retail employers today, 3rd March 2020, seeking assurances in relation to what initial preventive measures employers are taking, especially given their duty of care to all employees. Those precise details on preventative measures have been sought by Mandate from employers as a matter of urgency.

Mr Light said, “As soon as a coronavirus diagnosis was reported in the Republic of Ireland we wanted to react quickly to help our members and to ensure employers are doing all possible to prevent the spread of the virus in the retail environment. Furthermore, Mandate is seeking that immediate and ongoing engagement takes place between local management and local union representatives, in the first instance, in order to allay any concerns expressed by their fellow workers. We are remaining vigilant and are ready to engage in dialogue with all retail employers to achieve immediate action to protect and benefit workers.”

Further updated information will be issued to our members when it becomes available.

The risk of catching coronavirus in Ireland is still low. Follow the HSE advice on how to protect yourself from the coronavirus which is available by accessing the following link: