Dunnes Stores workers in Thurles concerned over withdrawal of parking facilities

Thursday 6 November 2008

Mandate trade union, which represents workers in Dunnes Stores say that staff in Thurles are very concerned about the forthcoming withdrawal of free parking facilities for employees. Mandate is calling for the proposal to charge workers for parking their cars while at work to be scrapped.

Mandate Divisional Organiser, Bill Kelly said, “Dunne’s Stores in Thurles has always provided a free parking system since the store opened in 1997. The company have offered no explanation as to why the situation has changed in this store.”

Mr Kelly added, “There are more car parking spaces now than there has ever been in this store so the withdrawal is not due to a shortage or the provision of more facilities for customers.”

Mandate claim that this new imposition will create unnecessary anxiety and inconvenience among workers. They also say that almost all of the 110 Dunne’s workers in Thurles have no option but to use the parking system because of a lack of public transport facilities.

Mr Kelly said, “Some members of staff live up to 20 miles away from the store and have no public transport available to them so their only option is to drive to work.

“At the same time the vast majority of these workers are on part time contracts and earn just above the Minimum wage so they obviously can’t afford to pay extra for parking their car while at work.

“Mandate would like to engage with Dunne’s management in respect of the company’s decision and the effect it will have on their members. We would like to establish what has led to this change of procedure and try to remedy the situation as quickly as possible,” concluded Mr Kelly.