Advanced Workplace Reps Training – Level 2

Who should attend: This course is aimed at Shop Stewards and Deputy Shop Stewards who have 1 year + experience in the role as a Union Rep / Shop Steward/s who have completed the Introductory Training for Workplace Reps.

Duration: 3 days in classroom or 4 modules online

Aims / Objectives & Benefits

  • Network with other union reps;
  • Share knowledge and experiences of issues facing workers in the retail & bar sectors;
  • Examine ways to increase union membership destiny to give the collective union a stronger voice;
  • Develop skills in public speaking;
  • Develop skills in written communications
  • Become an active member of the national Mandate organisation.

Course Content includes:

  • Reviewing issues Shop Stewards and House Committees have dealt with
  • Building capacity to organise / raising grievances
  • Case studies of how the union handles shop and company grievances
  • The Collective Bargaining model of disputes
  • Collective Agreements – using them effectively
  • Enhancing Store density through organising & recruitment
  • Writing to be understood & effective – writing notices; letter writing
  • Problem solving and decision making skills
  • Skills in public speaking
  • Overcoming barriers to participation
  • Employment Law
  • Understand Union busting tactics
  • Q & A with a Union Official
  • The National Role of Mandate – Supporting the Unions’ Political and Social Campaigns

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