Politics and Society – Understand the Issues that Impact on Workers Living Standards and their Quality of Life

Course Content:

This one-day training course will explain the political economy of the decisions that shape your life. From social welfare and healthcare, to housing and privatisation. This course will explain who makes the key decisions which impact your standard of living and the standard of living of your loved ones. The course will also explore how you can ensure the political system represents you and how you can become active in your community, trade union and in wider society.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this training course participants will be able to understand, analyse and critique the system. They will gain:

  • an understanding of the social systems within which people act locally, nationally and more widely
  • an understanding of concepts which underpin contemporary systems of government and of the diverse models for making these concepts operational
  • an understanding of and a respect for human rights and responsibilities, for human dignity and for democratic modes of governance
  • an understanding of and a respect for sustainable development
  • a commitment to and a capacity for engagement in peaceful and democratic means of resolving conflicts
  • a sense of care for others and a respect for and a valuing of diversity in all areas of human life within the parameters of human rights principles
  • the capacity to analyse and interpret social and political research data, to use carefully in forming opinions and coming to conclusions
  • the history of the Labour movement, its relation to capitalism and trade unions

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