Negotiation Skills/Collective Bargaining

“The art of negotiations is a fine art”…. and much needed in the workplace”

To meet this need Mandate are running a 2 day Negotiations Skills Programme for members.

Who should attend?

Shop Stewards, Deputy Shop Stewards and house committee members

Duration: 2 days classroom based

Aims & Objectives: To enhance skills and confidence of workers who are entering or taking part in negotiations as part of their role as a union rep

Course Content Includes: How to:-

  • Manage and coordinate behind-the-table negotiations
  • Attain a deeper understanding of others’ needs to create more value and claim your share
  • Prepare and plan; then execute: the stages of the negotiation process:
    • Prepare, Information Exchange, Bargain, Conclude, Execute.
  • Learn there is no shortcut to negotiation preparation.
  • Building trust in negotiations.
  • Communication skills are critical during bargaining.
  • Develop Analytical Skills are basic for problem-solving situations.
  • Listening skills will help you to analyse the situation and to see the possible opportunities.
  • Be professional and control your emotions.

During exercises people will be able to analyse their strengths and weaknesses with self-assessment.

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