Introductory Training for Workplace Representatives / Shop Stewards

Who should attend: Shop Stewards & Deputy Shop Stewards

Aims & Objectives of the Intro Training:           

  • To give Shop Stewards and Deputy Shop Stewards an introduction to the role they have as a union rep with Mandate.
  • Understand & utilise the Collective Agreements the union has with companies.
  • How to raise a grievance
  • How to approach and handle a disciplinary
  • How to use legislation for workers rights e.g. Banded Hours
  • To share knowledge about the role and to build a network of like minded individuals to enhance workers rights.


3 days in Classroom setting


4 x 3 hour modules online

Benefits: To increase the capacity and knowledge of union reps so they can be effective in dealing with various workplace issues be they Grievances or Disciplinary procedures.

To increase confidence & capabilities of the union reps in store

Course Content includes:

  • Introduction to Mandate Trade Union
  • Role of Workplace Rep
  • Finding Officials for each area Reps are from
  • Structure of Mandate
    • Grievances & Disciplinary Procedures
    • Understanding the Collective Agreements with Companies
    • Understanding Employment Contracts
    • Using the Mandate App as a resource
    • GDPR / Data Protection
    • Role and functions of House Committees
    • How to Map a store
    • Introduction to Employment Law
    • Principles of organising the workplace
    • Q & A with a Union Official

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