Negotiation Skills – National Team Members

Wednesday 21 September 2022

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This 1 Day Workshop in Negotiation Skills is for Negotiation Team Members and Trade Union Activists who have a desire to improve their knowledge and understanding in conflict resolution and negotiation skills, managing the Process and the Psychology of the Negotiating Environment.


 Course Content:

  • The Psychology of the Negotiating Environment
  • Strategic Approach to Negotiations
  • Collective Decision Making
  • Identifying Goals to be Achieved
  • Prioritising Issues
  • Develop Tactical Plans.
  • Tactics in Negotiations–Both Sides–*Key Learning
  • Stone Walling
  • Cooling off Periods
  • The Negotiating Team – Formation; Delegation
  • An evolving plan – Sitting around the table
  • Different roles for different people
  • Who takes the lead?
  • Who takes the notes?
  • Who provokes the other side?
  • Who watches the other side?
  • Handling problems without sensation and becoming emotional
  • Producing facts to support arguments
  • Predicting counter arguments
  • Benchmarking – what are the markers to work towards;
  • Top, Middle and Bottom

Certification & Progression:

Members who successfully complete this training course will obtain a Mandate certificate.

 If you are interested in attending this training please contact your Mandate Union Official or the Mandate Training Centre on 0874406564 or email Amanda Blake to secure your place.