Employment Law – For All Mandate Members

Monday 15 August 2022

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This 2 Day Course in Employment Law is for Trade Union Activists who have a desire to improve their knowledge and understanding of Employment Law. Participants will gain an understanding of the legislative environment within which the employment relationship operates.

Course Content:

Sources of Irish Law

  • Common law, judicial precedent
  • Equity
  • Constitution

Statute Law

  • Primary legislation
  • Secondary legislation
  • Role of EU law. Directives

The role of law in regulating working conditions.

  • The role of law in promoting Equality, H&S and best practice in the workplace
  • The rights and duties of both employers and employees in the workplace

Contract of employment

  • Distinguish between an independent contractor (contract for service) and an employee (contract of service)
  • The nature of employers defences
  • Redress/remedies in Employment law
  • Terms of employment and Information Act
  • Organisation of Working Time
  • Payment of Wages/Remuneration
  • Equality and Discrimination
  • Unfair Dismissal and Redundancy
  • Redress for breaches of Employment Law

Certification and Progression:

Members who successfully complete this training course will obtain a Mandate Certificate.

As there is a high demand for this course please ensure to contact your Mandate Union Official or the Mandate Training Centre on 01-8369699/0874406564 or email ablake@mandate.ie to secure your place.