Communications QQI Level 5 & Personal Development

This course is for Mandate members who want to know more; learn more; develop themselves; expand their knowledge & their capabilities in the speciality subject of communications.

Communications is central to human behaviour and takes many forms depending on our environment; our emotions; our confidence etc…

Aims & Objectives

This course will help participants understand the various ways we can effectively communicate. It also creates understanding of how we receive information that may or may not influence our behaviours.

This is a nationally accredited QQI level 5 course which involves assignments which you will be guided through by in class tutorials.

Duration: 14 weeks (evenings).

Who should attend:Any Mandate member who wants to enhance their skills and increase confidence in dealing with others.

It is desirable to have access to a pc/ laptop for assignments.

Course Content Includes:

Developing personal & professional communications skills which includes:-

  • Report writing;
  • Writing a letter of complaint on a workplace issue
  • Writing a notice of a meeting, agenda or other relevant workplace document.
  • Presentation Skills and Public Speaking
  • To create greater understanding of issues that affect members;
  • Promoting activism in examining the work of the Union and how media ownerships shapes public opinions
  • Understanding the phenomenon that is social media

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