Mandate help launch new “Respect at Work” campaign

Thursday 4 April 2024

Mandate Trade Union has joined with the Communications Workers’ Union (CWU), the Financial Services Union (FSU) and SIPTU to launch a new trade union campaign called “Respect at Work”.

The campaign is demanding legal protections to prevent union busting, including the victimisation of trade union activists, along with enhanced rights for workers who wish to be represented by a trade union.

Ireland is one of the only countries in the developed world where workers have no right to collective bargaining on pay and conditions of employment. The campaign says this must be addressed as part of the new EU Directive on Adequate Minimum Wages.

Jonathan Hogan, Mandate’s Interim General Secretary said:  “Studies show that young workers view trade unions as ‘essential’ for navigating tricky workplace situations, guaranteeing people fair treatment and gaining real respect at work.”

“Research from UCD shows that 67% of people aged between 16 and 24 years are positively disposed to trade unions. This underscores a significant and growing positive shift in attitudes towards trade unions in Ireland. This is a welcome breakthrough that offers real hope for the future.”

Mandate is calling on all members to get involved in the campaign by signing up at

More information

Respect at Work is a civil society campaign to improve workers’ rights in Ireland.
We are tired of big business setting the rules that we have to follow.
It’s time to demand better. We want you to join us.
Join our campaign for respect at work and win better rights to join and organise a trade union in your workplace.

Our Six Asks

Through new legislation, we aim to:

  • Ban union-busting once and for all.
  • Protect union members so that they cannot be victimised, discriminated against or dismissed for their union activity.
  • Provide the right to join a union for workers that positively encourages union membership and protects them from victimisation.
  • Introduce legally protected facilities for union representatives so that they have the means to discharge their functions for their members.
  • Provide the right of workers to access trade unions so they can know their rights, talk and ask questions of their relevant trade union in their workplace.
  • Public funding should promote collective bargaining, as per the EU Directive. Include collective bargaining as a positive attribute in all public tendering processes.

Sign Up to the campaign for more information on these asks.