Mandate Trade Union supports a YES YES vote in upcoming Referenda

Friday 1 March 2024

The National Executive Council of Mandate Trade Union is calling for a YES YES vote in the upcoming referenda.

On the vote to extend protections for the family to a wider definition beyond marital families, to those in other durable relationships, Mandate is supporting a YES vote.

On the referendum to delete article 41.2 of the constitution and to replace it with a new article 42B recognising family care, Mandate’s NEC expressed concerns that the government’s failure to follow the advice of both the Citizen’s Assembly on Gender Equality and the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Gender Equality to include both care within the home and the wider community.

Lorraine O’Brien, Mandate National Coordinator said: “We believe this was a lost opportunity for the value of care in all its forms, the vast majority of which is provided by women, to be reflected in our constitution. Notwithstanding our misgivings and concerns, it is felt by the majority of our NEC members that a YES YES vote is the most positive way forward.”

The call from Mandate is in line with the calls from the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and the National Women’s Council of Ireland who are also calling for a YES YES vote.