Mandate lodge Tesco 2023 pay claim

Monday 10 July 2023

“Today Mandate has served your pay and benefits claim on Tesco and we have asked them to respond by Friday 28 July next.

The claim is based on what you the members said you wanted through the survey Mandate conducted and it has been endorsed by thousands of you through the pledge card campaign.

If you have not yet signed your pledge card yet then please get one from your shop steward or by calling your local Mandate Office, sign it, return it and join the thousands of your fellow members who have pledged to fight to secure the terms contained in your pay & benefits claim.

The main features of the claim are:

The implementation of a universal incremental pay scale that recognises the need for Tesco workers to be paid a starter rate in line with the Living Wage and secures significant pay increases for all Tesco Workers.
We want this incremental pay scale to reward long service within the company.
We’re also asking Tesco Ireland to provide workers with access to full time jobs and to allocate hours appropriately to current staff.

You, the members, have asked us to get Tesco to improve pension provision for new starters in the DC scheme, enhancements to family leave arrangements, increases to the staff discount card, pay equality and greatly improved work-life balance for staff.

The restoration of meaningful and respectful industrial relations at national and local levels with your union is also a key aspect of what we’re looking for from your employer.

Specifically, the restoration of long-established practices and facilities which the company unilaterally withdrew and are contained within previously negotiated collective agreements and the Code of Practice on Duties and Responsibilities of Employee Representatives.

The other key matter that we would like addressed is Tesco Ireland’s refusal to allow Mandate officials to access you the members for union business and to represent you in in-person meetings.

We would obviously prefer if Tesco Ireland responded to this claim through entering meaningful negotiations on what you the members want.

If they don’t, we will be coming back to you to address how we best advance your claim with the company.”