Wednesday 8 March 2023



EMBARGO: 00:00, Wednesday 8 March 2023

On International Women’s Day, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions sends greetings to women workers and calls for action to be taken to prioritise equality, inclusion, peace, and democracy.

This March 8th, the Women’s Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unionssends solidarity greetings to all our women members and women workers throughout the world, particularly those women who are fighting for basic human rights, peace, and democracy. We acknowledge the heavy price being paid by women in Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine, Ukraine, and other countries suffering ongoing conflict and state violence and pay tribute to women who are resisting the rise of the extreme right and combatting misogyny, racism, and attacks on LGBT+ people and other vulnerable groups.

‘Women make up over half of the trade union membership on this island and women are also taking leadership roles within their union and making a positive difference to women in work and in society’ said Clare Moore, NIC-ICTU Equality Officer.   ‘The ICTU Women’s Committee brings together representatives from public and private sector unions who campaign on issues such as strengthened equality protections, the elimination of gender-based violence in work and in society, the gender pay gap as well as highlighting issues facing women internationally.

‘As part of our contribution towards International Women’s Day 2023, on 23/24 March, women trade union members from across the island will gather together for the ICTU Biennial Women’s Seminar themed which will hear from speakers on a range of issues including on Palestine, Iran, and Afghanistan. We pledge to make a reality the international commitment to leave nobody behind.

David Joyce, ICTU Equality Officer added: ‘We are appalled at recent attacks on places of refuge for asylum seekers in both jurisdictions on this island, and reports that women asylum seekers are reluctant from reporting domestic abuse or violence in case they are reported to the immigration and border authorities. We cannot stand by and allow women fleeing violence and persecution in their native lands to be subjected to any such abuse and fear in any part of Ireland, north or south. We stand with, and are proud to welcome, refugees.’