Dunnes Pay & Benefits Petition Update

Monday 3 October 2022

Almost 1300 Dunnes Workers have shown their support for the Dunnes Pay and Benefits claim by signing the petition since it was launched 3 weeks ago.

Click here if you haven’t already signed the petition.

The Dunnes National Committee wrote to the Directors of Dunnes Stores on the 20th of July seeking action on your Pay and Benefits claim. The Directors have not yet responded.

We now need to send a strong message to Dunnes management that this claim needs to be implemented by ensuring all Dunnes workers show their support for this petition.

Members of the National Committee are calling on all Dunnes Stores workers to sign the petition and encourage their fellow workers to do the same.

“It’s vitally important that everyone working in Dunnes signs this petition. We’re asking all shop stewards and activists to speak to workers in their stores about the Pay Claim and ask them to support it.”

Cathy McLoughlin Dunnes worker from Dundalk and member of the Dunnes National Committee said:

With the current cost of living crisis and inflation eating away at workers wages we need a substantial improvement in our pay within Dunnes, this can only be achieved with the support of all Dunnes workers.”

Alex Homits, another Dunnes worker from Kilnamanagh said:

Dunnes Stores are capable of paying higher wages and improving our conditions of employment, but we need all workers in Dunnes to show the company we believe this too. The more names on the petition we get, the more likely Dunnes management will take notice of us.

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You can follow the Decency for Dunnes Workers campaign at decencyfordunnesworkers.com or on social media at these links – FacebookTwitter and Instagram.