Retail Union says customers should continue to wear masks

Thursday 17 February 2022

Mandate Trade Union is calling for the retention of mask wearing in retail settings in order to protect workers from the dangers of Covid-19.

Mandate represents 25,000 workers in the retail sector and they’re urging NPHET and government to recognise the contribution made by retail workers over the last two years and do everything they can to prevent workers from contracting the virus.

Gerry Light, Mandate General Secretary said: “People are still contracting Covid in their thousands and many are still dying from the disease. Now is not the time for easing these particular restrictions.”

Mr Light added: “Even if NPHET do decide to remove mandatory mask wearing, employers should still facilitate workers who wish to wear a mask and protect themselves and their families. What’s also especially important is that those employers provide those masks free to workers. We don’t want to see employers remove masks from workplaces and hiding behind a NPHET recommendation.”

Mr Light spoke on the Claire Byrne show on RTE about the issue this morning (Thu, 17th Feb 2022). Full interview available at this link.

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