Mandate lay wreath at grave of Patrick Moran

Monday 15 March 2021
Today – March 14th, 2021 – marks the 100th anniversary of the execution of trade unionist and republican activist Patrick Moran, hanged by the British military in Mountjoy Jail along with five of his comrades.
Mandate General Secretary Gerry Light said: “This is a day of great emotion and significance to this union. Patrick Moran was a founder member in 1917 and subsequent president, of a union – Irish National Union of Vintners, Grocers and Allied Trades Assistants – that in a later manifestation, became Mandate.”
Light made the comments as he laid a wreath on behalf of the members of the union at Patrick Moran’s grave in Glasnevin cemetery.
He continued: “Patrick Moran’s obvious steadfast commitment to ordinary working people and to the cause of Irish freedom runs through the DNA of this union.
“We’re both proud and humbled to carry forth those principles – the exact same principles that Patrick and his comrades fought and died for.”
The forthcoming issue of Shopfloor will feature an in-depth interview with Patrick’s niece, May, author of ‘Executed for Ireland, The Patrick Moran Story’, published by Mercier Press in 2010.