Estee Lauder workers in Dublin Airport to strike on Monday, 21st and Friday, 25th September

Friday 18 September 2020

Estee Lauder workers in Dublin Airport are to participate in two days of industrial action this week as they attempt to prevent compulsory redundancies and stop the company rehiring workers on inferior terms and conditions of employment.

The strike will involve 40 workers and will take place from 5am on Monday 21st and then Friday 25th of September at the Dublin Airport roundabout.

Mandate say workers should be afforded the principle of voluntary rather than compulsory redundancy but the terms of the redundancy package must be negotiated including the selection criteria.

The Union also wishes to negotiate the terms & conditions of those employees who remain in the business.

Estee Lauder are insisting on implementing compulsory redundancies on statutory terms of two weeks pay per year of service.

Mandate Divisional Organiser Robert McNamara said: “Estee Lauder need to have respect for their workers. That means they should negotiate with the workers through their trade union and implement a package that’s fair for everyone concerned.”

He added, “The fact the company is attempting to make workers apply for their own jobs on inferior terms should be a concern for everyone. If Estee Lauder, one of the largest and most profitable enterprises on the planet, can treat their workers this appallingly, then it can happen to anyone.

Mr McNamara concluded: “Regrettably, the only way these workers can prevent their company from implementing these regressive measures is by going on strike, which they shouldn’t have to do.”