Mandate Trade Union calls on Clontarf retailer to reward staff with coronavirus reward scheme

Friday 15 May 2020

Management at Nolan’s Supermarket in Clontarf have been criticized by Mandate Trade Union for refusing to implement a hazard pay and sick pay scheme for its 100 employees during the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

While other retailers in the area moved quickly to reward staff by paying them a premium for every hour worked during the crisis, Nolan’s to date have not.

John Callan, Mandate’s Industrial Officer for Dublin North said the company’s refusal to reward staff for their efforts during the Covid 19 crisis was not in line with what other grocery retailers in Dublin.

“These workers are risking their own health and in some cases the health of their loved ones. Consequently, Mandate immediately sought a proper recognition and reward scheme reflective of the strain and stress our members experience daily,” said Callan.

“Some of what we looked for was a premium payment for all hours worked by staff during this pandemic along with a specific Covid-19 sick pay scheme. When our initial representations on these were refused, we surveyed all staff on the company’s position.

“The survey feedback was emphatic. The workers clearly believe that the company not only should reward staff fairly, but also that the company is in a position to do so.”

Callan added, “This refusal by management to reward workers adequately with a premium payment is not only inequitable in the extreme, but equally, the company has done absolutely nothing to address Mandate’s request for a Covid-19 specific sick pay scheme.

Callan explained: “The company operates a sick pay scheme which has a number of qualifying criteria for employees to access, which is contrary to the scheme the government is currently operating. This clearly disadvantages staff and runs the risk that staff who contract Covid-19 might not call in sick for fear of losing wages.”

Callan concluded: “We are calling on the company, who are clearly benefiting from increased business during the crisis, to properly reward staff in line with other comparable retailers. If other retailers can reward their staff with a recognition and reward scheme, then obviously Nolan’s can reward their own loyal workforce.”