Mandate launch hundreds of discounted online courses for members and their families during pandemic

Thursday 9 April 2020

The coronavirus lockdown has left many of us feeling anxious and stressed with unexpected extra time on our hands and insecurity about employment prospects. Covid-19 has vastly impacted our members, their opportunity to work, their family life and it has raised questions about what happens post Covid-19, what happens to the jobs that were there before the pandemic and the workers that once occupied the roles across the services industry. Mandate Trade Union in recognising these eventualities have partnered with Olive Group, who are an Education Technology company, owned by Brendan Kavanagh.

They are making available accredited courses worth thousands of euros to all Mandate members and their families, to expand their CV and increase their chances of future employment.  They have agreed to charge just €20 per person for an industry bundle of your choice to cover hosting fees and Certification by the relevant Awarding Bodies. This fee will allow Mandate members and their family members avail of this learning opportunity.

The courses cover lots of sectors, not just retail that will require a workforce to get back up and running post lockdown, and in sectors that are hiring right now. Olive and Mandate are committed to working with all our members and families to support them during these tough times. We hope this initiative will make a difference to all of you.

No obligation, but obviously a great use of time, regardless of whatever your current circumstances are. In supporting your development, you will get the opportunity to expand your CV. Statistics show that candidates with the right certification go to the top of the queue.

CLICK HERE to register!

Members can avail of this special offer until July 1st.