Vote for Change!

Saturday 1 February 2020

With a week to go before Ireland goes to the poll booths, Mandate is delivering a stark election warning to all voters. Successive Fine Gael and Fine Fail led governments have created an unprecedented  housing crisis, a health care crisis and instilled widespread fear regarding pension age increases and continuing threats to reintroduce water charges and deny the people a referendum on public ownership of our water.

Check out Mandate’s General Election 2020 fact sheet on why you should vote for change in General Election 2020. Mandate has focussed on four key issues for our members: Housing; Health; Pension Age Increases and Water Ownership in Public Hands. We’ve inserted four handy questions on these important issues at the foot of each section which you may wish to highlight with canvassers on your doorstep. You’ll have many more issues of importance to raise with politicians on the canvas trail but one thing is vital – Vote for Change!