GE 2020 – Mandate Calls On Members To Do The Doorstep Challenge

Thursday 23 January 2020

When a General Election candidate knocks on your door over the next few weeks you should be well prepared for them. Across the country we’ll be bombarded with leaflets, slogans and canvassers desperate for your vote. So it really helps to know your stuff and then get the chance to hold politicians to account and to ultimately vote in your own best interest.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has issued a helpful guide, from their perspective, on some of the key areas including Public Housing; Public Services; Workers Rights; Decent Jobs and Climate Action. They have included possible questions on these important issues that you may wish to highlight with political canvassers on your doorstep.

Vote for progressive left wing candidates and parties who will represent the best interests of the many and not the few. Don’t trust government spin and waffle. Your vote is precious so don’t give it to those in government who have squandered it in the past.