Lloyds Pharmacy members win more major concessions

Monday 20 May 2019

Today LloydsPharmacy announced more major concessions on a number of your specific Union demands. This is a positive step forward and will make a significant difference in the lives of all Lloyds members.

It should be no surprise that the company’s concessions announced today come right on the heels of a Labour Court recommendation issued just last Friday in which the Court recommended that Lloyds Pharmacy recognise your Union.

The Labour Court decision states:

“In all the circumstances, the Court recommends that the Employer should recognise the Union as the Representative of those employees who are in membership of the Union and should engage with it in dealing with the issues which are the subject of this claim affecting those members.”

Recognition should be given to all Mandate Trade Union members who came together, organised and took action for decency and fairness in LloydsPharmacy over the past two years. None of these concessions would have been made without the pressure you brought on the company. It’s clear evidence to anyone who is in any doubt that when workers come together and are prepared to take action, big changes are possible.

While these concessions are obviously welcome, it is your Union’s belief that there is still much room for improvements in your terms and conditions of employment. You are also well aware from past experience that as quickly as things are given they can be taken away. Make sure to continue to strengthen the Union by doing your part by asking fellow colleagues to join the Union in your own shop and beyond.

Together we are stronger.