WITNESS: Artists Campaign to Repeal the 8th Amendment

Thursday 24 May 2018

Sent Away

This documentary tells the story of pregnant women who were diagnosed with fatal foetal abnormality in Irish hospitals. These women travelled aboard for termination because the Irish law denied them this treatment at home. Their group TFMR (Termination for Medical Reasons) are now lobbying to have the law changed.

Women’s Stories: Lorraine’s story

“For me the abortion will always be a positive factor during a nightmare time.”
Lorraine’s story is a story story of bereavement due to the early death of her husband in an accident, rape by ‘a family friend’ resulting in her becoming pregnant. With the help of a woman friend she travels to the UK for an abortion.

Women’s Stories: Joanna’s story

“My abortion saved my life.”
Joanna’s story is a story of unplanned pregnancy, domestic abuse, attempted suicide, and the and dangers of travelling for healthcare.

Women’s Stories: A’s story

“I would have to wait until either my son’s heart stopped beating, or until I developed a life threatening infection before they could induce labour.”
An unbearably sad story of a woman’s experience of intra-uterine fetal death. Left waiting,for daily checks, in a room in the hospital for her baby to die.

Women’s Stories: Jean’s story

“In 25 years I had had 7 children and 2 miscarriages. I couldn’t believe that at 45 I was having an abortion.”
Jean’s story tells of the loneliness and secrecy felt by women and their families forced to travel for healthcare.