Standing4Women hold nationwide protests over cervical cancer scandal tomorrow (Wednesday 30th May – 5pm)

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Mandate members urged to support “day of action” for women affected by Cervical Check scandal

Mandate members are being urged to support a “day of action” being held in solidarity with all 209 women affected by the Cervical Check scandal.

Standing4Women*, the campaign group organising the demonstrations, are asking the public to wear red and attend their local demonstration to stand in solidarity with those affected by the Cervical Check Scandal this coming Wednesday at 5pm.

“To show the women and families affected that we are with them. That we support them, and to call for immediate action by government and the HSE.”

Standing4Women say they have two urgent policy requirements

  1. Asking for relevant policy for the upcoming Bill on mandatory disclosure to be implemented in conjunction with an agreed timeline
  2. Active and independent support for those affected by the scandal, including and not limited to, an immediate point of contact for those affected, and a multidisciplinary support team.

Most importantly, the reasons we are doing this is that we are strongest standing together.

“Standing for Vicky, for Emma, for Irene, for Catherine, for Orla, for Julie, for Rosie, for Debbie, for Ann, for Carol, for those speaking up daily, for all 18, for all 209.”

If you’d like to get involved in your local group please find us on Facebook at @Standing4Women and on twitter at @Standing4Women_

Campaign Spokesperson Clare O Connor:

“Families are not receiving adequate support or access to information and we want mandatory disclosure reintroduced immediately to restore faith in the healthcare system.

The people of Ireland have shown that they will not accept substandard healthcare for women any longer. We are compassionate, we are organised and we will not accept media spin being prioritised over women’s healthcare.”

Anne Corkery – Group Founder:

“In light of the cervical check scandal, I started this group to say that after decades of mistreatment of women in this country that we will not be lied to anymore, that we are strong and we are able to demand better. We want to stand together, to ask for improvements in healthcare and we will not give up until those requests are granted. In a very short space of time, this group has grown hugely and this reflects the feelings that are out there on this issue and the need for change that people feel so strongly about at present.”

Rosie Condra – woman impacted by the Cervical Check failures:

“I feel deeply let down by the Irish Health Service. I feel not only have I been mistreated and ignored but also my pain and hurt is being trivialised as though I truly were just a number. 209 women each and every one has a name, has a family and have a life. We need disclosure, support and most of all to be listened to. I am calling on the minister of Health and involved bodies to stop talking about me and talk to me instead”


Please click here to see where your local protest is.

About Standing4Women*

Standing4Women* is a nationwide movement of people passionate about issues affecting women*. We have organising groups in almost every county Ireland and aim to campaign for better healthcare, support services and access to opportunities for women, beginning with those impacted by Cervical Check

*We aim to be inclusive and intersectional and representative of those of all binaries and none.