Step Up Programme

Purpose of the Step Up programme

Mandate’s member organising programme will provide a development opportunity for activists to be seconded from their employment to Mandate for a period of time to help activate and grow our current membership, to work and learn alongside our organising team and to organise and recruit non-union workers. The Member Organiser will learn new skills that will help them to be work site leaders, have a better understanding of how their union works and the principles of how workers gain power at work by joining a union. Successful Step Up candidates will be placed onto a Step Up panel from which future Step Up vacancies over the next year or so may be filled as and when they arise.

Why Member Organisers are important:

Member Organisers will work on a range of different aspects of organising campaigns. They will spend some time with experienced union organisers learning the fundamentals of organising before applying that knowledge in practice on their own. Subsequently, they will return to their original workplace and put their newly acquired organising experience into practice at local level.

Members are very effective in helping organise retail workers. They have the advantage of being able to establish a higher level of trust with non-union workers because they can speak from personal experience. Member Organisers will understand and relate to the problems that workers face on the job and will learn to explain how being a union member can help make changes in the workplace to correct those problems.

Member organisers are an important initiative under the Step Up Programme dedicated to the principle of building and developing capacity within the ranks of our own membership base.

Different areas for Member Organisers to get involved:

Member Organisers will experience a broad range of organising:

  1. It is not the intention of the Step Up Development Programme to replace full-time Organisers with Member Organisers. Rather, the main focus of Member Organisers will be to develop and hone their skills by working as part of a team alongside their assigned divisional colleagues. Member Organisers will then take the learned skills back to their workplace and help spread organising and recruitment in their area. Following the programme the Organising Department will put in place appropriate mechanisms to maintain regular contact with the Member Organisers for ongoing support, advice and encouragement.
  2. Member Organisers will work as part of a divisional team and their role will involve a range of tasks including attending meetings, talking one to one and collectively with workers, making phone calls to workers, visiting shops, mapping workplaces and most importantly, helping us grow our union.
  3. Member Organisers will be self motivated with the ability to motivate others to attend rallies, protests and demonstrations organised by and supported by Mandate, particularly those intent on putting pressure on non-union employers.
  4. Member Organisers will experience the role of a full time Union Organiser working alongside an experienced union organiser for a period of time before stepping up to deal directly with workers on their own.

How do I apply?

If the Step Up role interests you, we would invite you to send a letter of application setting out your past history of Mandate activism, why you would like the Step Up role and how you believe you can make a contribution to what we do along with an up to date CV.

Application letters should be forwarded either hard copy or by email before Friday, 23rd August 2019 to the following:

Brian Forbes

Mandate National Co-Ordinator

O Lehane House

9 Cavendish Row

Dublin 1

Applicants must be able to demonstrate a recent history of activism within Mandate. All applicants must be fully paid up members (unemployed members may apply) and have been a member for at least three (3) months. Applicants will also need to commit to working unsocial hours as and when the needs of the Organising Department dictate. These criteria will be applied during the short listing process. Each successful candidate will have a release agreement for the programme with their employer and this process will be facilitated by Mandate. It will be based on a career break scenario with current terms and conditions protected. Selection for inclusion on the Step Up panel will be subject to a workshop involving an assessment on basic organising skills. Attendance at the workshop is mandatory for all shortlisted candidates.

Final Step Up appointment for those in current employment will be subject to agreement between the relative employer, the Union and the individual and is determined by terms of release being facilitated by their employer.

DEADLINE: Applications should be submitted by Friday, 23rd August 2019