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Rogue Restaurant Employers Like Conrad Gallagher Must Be Stopped

The Restaurant and Catering Workers Forum, established by SIPTU and Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI), is organising a lunchtime ‘name and shame action’ today outside Conrad Gallagher’s more

Why we need to save the JLC System

Ireland is in the middle of the greatest economic crisis since the foundation of the State – a crisis caused by a culture of greed, stupid policy decisions and practically... more

As EU-IMF come to town . . .

The Enough Campaign, involving Richard Boyd Barrett TD among many others, has called a week of protest and resistance to the EU-IMF during their next upcoming quarterly “review” visit (6... more

Clean Clothes Campaign Action Network Update

Sous Chantha released but contrived criminal charges upheld & Charles Hector's trial postponed  ... more

Cutting Rents not Wages will save Jobs in Retail

TASC Director Nat O’Connor takes a look at the  argument that cutting wages will create jobs. Retail Excellence Ireland (REI) has released a survey of their members, which they contend shows... more

Week of Hope and Defiance

Thursday 16th June Banner Display - O'Connell Bridge, Dublin, 5pm - 6pm   Friday 17th June Dump the Bondholder, Public Meeting, Charleville Cork, 8.30pm   Saturday 18th June Kilkenny Repudiates,... more

Justice for Colombia Campaign continues

Thanks to the efforts of both Irish & British Trade Unionists, through our respective Justice for Colombia (JFC) campaigns! Just a quick up date to let you know... more

Gravy train still stops at all the right stations

Fintan O'Toole – Irish Times, Tuesday 31st 2011 Ivor Callely will get €63,000 a year for the rest of his life yet Richard Bruton targets the poorest workersmore

Bruton's proposals go beyond Duffy/Walsh Report

Colman Higgins, reporter with Industrial Relations News, provides analysis of Richard Brutons proposals for reform of the JLC system Proposals put forward this week on reform of sectoral... more

HAS IT REALLY COME TO THIS? - Examiner Opinion Piece, 27 May 2011

It is clear that Ireland is in the midst of the greatest economic crisis since the foundation of the State. A crisis caused by a culture of more
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