Mandate News

TASC submission to Independent Review Body of wage-setting mechanisms

TASC add their voice to support for the ERO and REA wage setting mechanisms ... more

Mandate members attend Congress National Women's Seminar in Cork

The Congress National Women's Seminar took place in Cork 4/5th March 2011on the eve of the the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day. More than 150 women gathered... more

Davenport Hotel Labour Court Recommendation

Click here to view the Labour Court Recommendation supporting the Davenport workers.  ... more

Minimum Wage War begins

SIPTU have mounted pickets on The Davenport Hotel and the Mont Clare Hotel, off Dublin’s Merrion Square, as the worst predictions for the recently enacted Minimum Wage legislation have come... more

Mandate News Election 2011

Mandate News Election 2011 has hit the shelves and as the name suggests the magazine aims to make some sense out of all the political noise we are being bombarded... more

Get Out and Vote

The time for in-depth political analysis is over. The time for televised leader debates is over. The time for politicians to kiss babies and tell us what they think we... more

Mandate urges members to support Davenport Hotel Workers

Douglas says hotel’s actions give the lie to Government assurances on implications of cut to National Minimum Wage The Mandate Trade Union has today urged its 45,000 members in the... more

Engaging with Canvassers

The Importance of Canvassing Every election campaign entails an enormous drive by candidates and political parties to make a connection with the voters. The tried and tested method of doing... more

Why Vote?

Simple question. What is the point of any of us going to the effort of checking if we're registered, registering if we're not and turning up at the local election... more

Register Your Vote

With the 25th February confirmed as polling day for Election 2011, it only takes a few short steps to make sure you have your say in the formation of the... more
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