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Unfair Universal Social Charge has greater impact on low to middle income workers

Government fails to sufficiently tackle unfair nature of USC in Budget Mandate Trade Union has highlighted their concerns about the unfair nature of the Universal Social Charge which they... more

Mandate calls on employers to ensure Equal Treatment for Agency Workers from 5 December

From 5 December agency workers will be entitled to the same pay and conditions of employment as direct employees on the site to which they are deployed from day one... more

Unfair Universal Social Charge (USC)

This unfair charge has targeted lower to middle income workers who are least able to afford to pay and who are suffering most from other austerity measures imposed by Government... more

Equal Treatment for Agency Workers from 5 December 2011

The Employers’ Group IBEC failed in its attempt to secure a twelve month stay on equal treatment for agency workers.  The employers had argued that equal pay and conditions for... more

Child Benefit cut is stealth tax on children - One Family

One Family, Ireland’s leading organisation for one-parent families, say that any reduction in Child Benefit would be a blow to all middle-earner families, but for some families, in particular those... more

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions calls for the Government not to repay Anglo loans

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions today added its voice to the calls for the Irish Government not to repay the $1billion or €700 million bond to the unsecured and... more

Ireland's Pension Crisis - Seminar on Nov 10th

Conference Centre - Liberty Hall November 10th This is a Women at Work Lunchtime Seminar on Pensions.  The purpose of the Conference is to contribute to the debate on the... more

Good News for retail workers at Blanchardstown and Superquinn

Mandate Trade Union welcomed good news for retail workers following both the Competition Authority’s decision to approve the Musgrave Group’s takeover of Superquinn and the new lease agreement at the... more

Straight Talking by John Douglas

Politicians have no right to close emergency services in hospitals, or close schools, they have no right to remove the services of special needs assistants and they have no right... more

MANDATE welcomes Competition Authority's approval of Musgrave takeover of Superquinn

The Mandate Trade Union has this evening welcomed the Competition Authority’s decision to approve the Musgrave Group’s takeover of Superquinn. Mandate represents most of the staff at the retailer. more
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