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Strike Notice to be served on UCD Students Bar, Belfield

  The Mandate Trade Union has this evening announced that it will be serving strike notice on UCD Students Bar, Belfield, on Monday,... more

Mandate Trade Union expresses support for Turkish IKEA workers campaigning for ‘basic human right’ to join a union

  Mandate Trade Union has today expressed its support for the IKEA workers in Turkey who are campaigning to have their... more

Mandate Trade Union comes out to condemn 130 million HSE cuts

Mandate Trade Union’s General Secretary John Douglas has come out to condemn cabinet ministers over the recently announced 130 million euro health cuts. The cuts which were announced on Thursday... more

Mandate calls on Arnotts’ Pension Trustees to reconsider ‘drastic and unfair’ decision to wind up defined benefit pension scheme

Douglas says Trustees should engage with union representatives and pension advisors to come up with alternative solution   Lack of governmental action on private sector pensions will leave hundreds of thousands dependent... more

Tesco workers vote overwhelmingly to accept 2% pay increase from 1 January 2013

 The Mandate Trade Union has this afternoon announced that its members in Tesco have voted overwhelmingly to accept a 2% pay increase... more

News Release Claiming Our Future: ‘Enough’ Ireland needs a Plan B


Sinn Fein Press Release: Fine Gael/Labour TDs vote against amendment to protect Sunday premiums

Fine Gael/Labour TDs vote against amendment to protect Sunday premiums of low paid workers Today at Committee stage of the Industrial Relations (Amendment) 2012 (No.3 Bill) Sinn... more

Joint statement: CPSU, Mandate and Unite trade unions call for a no vote on the Austerity Treaty Referendum

 Three major unions with combined membership of more than 100,000 have issued a strong call to vote no in Thursday’s referendum on what they... more

Political Statement - Communist Party of Ireland

 At the regular meeting of its National Executive Committee the Communist Party of Ireland once again called on working people to resist the bullying and ideological terror now... more

Letter to our members on the fiscal treaty- John Douglas

 Dear Members, The Fiscal Treaty Referendum takes place on 31 May 2012. Mandate Trade Union has studied the Fiscal... more
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