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ETUC: Europe Must Address its Social Debt

Statement from Bernadette Ségol, ETUC General Secretary and Ignacio Fernández Toxo, President The debt crisis is being discussed everywhere, as it should be. But we also focus attention on Europe's Social... more

ICTU: Make Decent Work a Cornerstone of National Recovery

Congress General Secretary David Begg said today (Oct 5) that priority must be given to the creation and maintenance of decent work as... more

Labour Start: 69 women trade union leaders to stand trial next week - call for messages of protest

 In another 6 days, the trial begins in Turkey of 69 trade union leaders -- all of... more

NERI publishes Autumn Quarterly Economic Observer

Economic think-tank proposes ‘Plan B’ Budget focused on investment and creation of 21,000 additional jobs The... more

IUF Uniting food, farm and hotel workers world-wide:Hilton Maldives luxury resort no paradise for workers who claim their rights

Guests at the Hilton Conrad Rangali Islands Resort in Maldives pay 1,000 dollars a night to stay in luxury villas located on two private islands, where they can... more

Clean Clothes Campaign Ireland:325 garment workers die in horrific garment factory fire in Karachi, Pakistan

 A fire that broke out on Tuesday evening 11th September, has killed over 325 garment workers with reports that the death toll is expected... more

300 dead workers in Pakistan - demand justice now

 The horror of it all is almost unimaginable. Over 300 workers burned and... more

Wall Street Journal article: IKEA's Turkish Labor Issue

ISTANBUL—IKEA's largely autonomous operation in Turkey is moving to guard the Swedish furniture giant's reputation by threatening legal action... more

Labour Start: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt - the fight for workers rights intensifies

Remember the "Arab Spring"?  It was supposed to mean a new era of freedom for workers.  But... more

Press Release UNI: IKEA Turkey workers detail management’s anti‐union attacks

IKEA Turkey workers detail management’s anti-union attacks, including harassment of family members in their homes • UNI IKEA Global Union Alliance calls on IKEA to honour its values, protect... more
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