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Fourth Nestlé India Union in Recognition and Bargaining Win On January 5 the union at Nestlé Pantnagar, the company's largest and newest (2006) plant in the country, signed... more

Tata Continues Collective Punishment of Indian Tea Workers

  Nearly one thousand tea workers and their families continue to suffer collective punishment at the hands of India's Tata Group. Workers at the Nowera Nuddy Tea Estate in West Bengal,... more

Colombian Oil Palm Workers Under Fire

  Workers in Colombia are once again victims of armed violence for trying to exercise their right to join and be represented by a trade union. On January 14, armed gunmen... more

Labourstart - Haiti: What unions are doing

I'll keep this brief and to the point. Unions around the world are raising money and sending volunteers to Haiti.  There's full coverage of all this activity on... more

Got kids... Get them this book and get them understanding unions

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type is a delightful children’s book (ages 3 to 7) with a union message. It seems that Farmer Brown has a... more

USA/Germany: T-Mobile's double standard

Some companies are very nice to their workers where unions are established and powerful, but the moment they don't have to deal with such unions, they turn nasty.  T-Mobile is... more

Thailand/Philippines: Send a Christmas card to Triumph International

We've received an urgent appeal from the Clean Clothes Campaign to support the 3,660 workers who have been sacked by Triumph International in Thailand and the Philippines.  This is not... more

South Africa: Update on Sun International dispute

South Africa: Update on Sun International dispute "The international campaign of solidarity with striking workers at Sun International has substantially boosted the morale and determination of workers... more

World Day For Decent Work - 7/10/2009

Wednesday, 10 October 2009 is World Day for Decent Work. Watch Guy Ryder of the International Trade Union Confederation's appeal on Youtube.... more

UNION STRATEGIES FOR HARD TIMES   Remember that every book you order this way helps to support LabourStart. What can unions do as the Great Recession ravages workers and their unions... more
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