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Video of Grafton Street Laura Ashley workers on strike supporters

 Support Laura Ashley workers more

Budget plan 'would raise €2bn' - Social Justice Ireland

More than €2 billion could be raised for the public purse by overhauling pension tax breaks and introducing a small levy on company profits, campaigners said today. Social Justice... more

Claiming Our Future Video - Don't forget to book your place

RDS Dublin, Saturday October 30th from 11am more

Welfare State may support only middle-class and better off people if present trends continue - Social Justice Ireland

Poor people likely to lose out if the challenges facing the welfare state are not addressed comprehensively. The Welfare State in the years ahead may support only middle-class and... more

Community Platform launch 4Steps2Recovery Campaign

Some very interesting ideas from the Community Platform about an alternative way of promoting Ireland's economic recovery while also addressing the budget deficit. The Community Platform's approach also has the... more

ESRI Report on Poverty Trends

The ESRI has launched their report on poverty trends 'Monitoring Poverty Trends in Ireland 2004-2007: Key Issues for Children, People of Working Age and Older People'. It shows that social... more

Call for NERA Funds Cut Shows 'Skewed Sense of Priorities' - Congress

Congress has said (Sept 01) that a call for a cut in the budget of the National Employment Rights Agency by a Fianna Fail deputy reflected a 'skewed sense of... more

Mandate Trade Union and Congress Supports Gaza Demonstration

Mandate Trade Union and the Irish Congress of Trade Unions is supporting a mass demonstration on Saturday June 5, which has been called by the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign to... more

John Douglas calls for a consumer led boycott of Israeli goods

Despite losing nine key speakers to the impact of the volcanic ash, the Congress conference on the Middle East went ahead in St Patrick's Hall, Dublin Castle on Friday, 16th... more

Lift the Gaza Blockade

Israel’s three year near-hermetic closure constitutes collective punishment of an occupied civilian population. This is explicitly prohibited under Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, as well as... more
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