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Mandate Trade Union encourages its 45,000 members to vote for parties and independent candidates of the Left

The Mandate Trade Union has today issued a viral video which is encouraging its 45,000 members in the bar and retail trades to vote for parties and independent candidates from... more

Ireland needs more women in the Dáil says Claiming Our Future

The Claiming Our Future movement has said that with women making up fewer than 1 in 6 of the candidates in the current election it is vital that all political... more

Race to the Register! - Win €100 voucher by registering to vote

  Unless we’re registered to vote, nothing’s going to change. And the deadline is Tuesday 8 February, 2011. So to celebrate as many of us as possible being registered... more

Ireland’s Day of Shame - Unions and Community Sector Organisations Mark Minimum Wage Cut with Dáil Ceremony

A coalition of trade unions and community sector organisations held a ceremony outside the gates of Dáil Éireann to publicly mark the cutting of the National Minimum Wage which came... more

Mandate Trade Union slams Government's double standards

Douglas says property developers being treated with kid gloves while low-paid workers get hammered more

Dáil votes to cut minimum wage by 80 to 72

Despite the best efforts of Mandate, along with a wide range of other groups concerned with the Budget proposal, 80 members of the Dáil today voted to reduce the minimum... more

Urgent Notice for National Demonstration on Saturday 27 November

Urgent Notice: Mandate members attending the Congress-led rally are to congregate at 11:30am tomorrow (Saturday, 27 November) at the wooden monument outside the Dublin Civic Offices, Wood Quay. At this... more

Who will stand up for you if you don't stand up for yourself

Will you stand idly by while ordinary workers in Ireland are forced to pay for the greed of some senior corrupt bankers, property developers and politicians?   We are asking for your... more

Minimum wage workers to be hit by Double-Whammy

Cutting the minimum wage is a political red herring and will not solve Ireland’s problems, according to Migrant Rights Centre Ireland and MANDATE Trade Union   Current and New Government Should Prioritise... more

Congress Calls Major National Demonstration for 27 November

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions is to hold a major national demonstration on Saturday, November 27 in Dublin.   The national mobilisation and demonstration has been called in support of Congress... more
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