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Mandate Trade Union sends message of solidarity to 55 sacked workers of Carlton United Breweries

Mandate, the union for retail and bar workers in Ireland, has sent a message of solidarity to the 55 striking workers of the Carlton United Breweries plant in Abbottsford, Victoria... more

Silent Night: A message for Palestine

Dear Friend of Palestine,  I'm sure you are aware of the tragic events unfolding in Palestine; 118 Palestinians, including many children have been killed in the last few weeks, over 10,000... more

Colombian trade unionist pleads for support

By David Gibney Mandate communications officer AT THE ICTU biennial delegate conference in early July, Colombian activist Witney Chávez thanked the Irish trade union movement for its... more

Tell Walmart to Keep its Word

Walmart is cutting hours for countless hardworking men and women at stores across the country. Mandate Trade Union members know exactly what the impacts of cuts to hours are like,... more

Victory in Benetton campaign

John Douglas, Mandate General Secretary today (Tuesday, 24 February) welcomed news that Benetton will pay compensation to the victims of the 2013 Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh, where more... more

Global Unions say to Benetton ‘Pagare’/Pay Up!

Countdown to second Rana Plaza anniversary: Benetton pay up on Rana Plaza compensation! Benetton is the only major international brand confirmed to have sourced clothing from Rana Plaza which... more

Mandate supports the North American IKEA workers

A number of weeks ago, IKEA workers converged on the North American headquarters of IKEA to deliver a petition asking the company to invest in their American workers. The petition,... more

Mandate Trade Union calls on retailers to boycott Israeli produce

Mandate Trade Union has called on all major retailers in Ireland to boycott Israeli goods until they agree a truce, withdraw their forces behind the 1967 borders, end the policy... more

The world said ‘never again’… unless you’re Israel.

DURING a trip to Cambodia a few years back, I visited the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh. One exhibit was a memorial to victims of the Khmer Rouge’s... more

We must do what we can to oppose EU-Colombia Free Trade Agreement

By Mandy La Combre Mandate National Executive Committee member THE EU-Colombia Free Trade Agreement will be brought before the Dail in the next couple of weeks and it will not be... more
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