We're Not Leaving - Young People's Assembly this Saturday

Thursday 07 November 2013, 06pm

Mandate Trade Union is supporting this Saturday's major gathering of young people in Liberty Hall as part of the "We're Not Leaving" project against forced emigration.

You can register your attendance at the group Facebook account here.

David Gibney from Mandate and Secretary of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions Youth Committee says this is an opportunity for young workers to establish networks and develop a sustained fightback against the unfair burden that has been placed on the shoulders of young people.

"Politicians and corporations have been getting away with too much over the past number of years. Young people are seen as soft targets and we're now the first generation to be worse off than the previous one," he said.

"If we're not forced into emigration, then we're being told that we have to work longer hours, for less pay, for more years, in more precarious work, with little chance of a decent retirement income."

He added, "This will not change until we demand change as a collective. That's why we're urging all young workers to attend this event and to have their say. The fight-back begins now but it'll only happen if we all engage together."

The event begins on Saturday, 9th November at 11am in Liberty Hall, Dublin 1. Please register your attendance and find out more information here.

Aims of the assembly:

- To build a campaign that unites students, young workers and the unemployed to address the youth crisis
- To produce a youth charter, which articulates demands to be placed on representative bodies, the state and society – and which articulates a divergent social vision from the path of austerity Ireland on behalf of young people
- To build a democratic infrastructure on the basis of this charter that can reinvigorate youth politics locally and nationally

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