Moving with the times, Mandate’s Elearning Training

Friday 15 July 2016, 05pm

More and more the demands on member’s time increases. They often find it difficult to attend training courses in the normal structured three day training courses.

Yet members are constantly looking for training to help them in their roles as Mandate activists or with their own personnel development.

To try to marry these two situations Mandate is pleased to make available this new training initiative to help members avail of Mandate’s training. 

Welcome to UNIONlink, an eLearning training initiative owned by Mandate, CWU and IBOA.

Unionlink is a training initiative unique to trade unions in Ireland. It is an innovative way for our members to engage in trade union learning that is user friendly and interactive. The training can be completed in your own time anywhere using your computer, laptop, tablet or Smartphone.

Why UNIONlink?

• to build the skills, knowledge and confidence of our activists 

• to provide the flexibility of eLearning so that members can take control of their own learning

• to develop a blended learning approach

• to support our current training programmes and continuous development

• to attract members who cannot access current training courses so that they actively engage in their union

UNIONlink gives members the opportunity to engage in trade union training that is professional, interactive, assists self-development and is accessible and flexible - so that members can take control of their own learning in their own time. Short videos are used which are stimulating and relevant to keep members engaged. 

The first course in UNIONlink is called Your Union and You and has three modules. 

• Understanding trade unions

• My Union – Mandate

• Call to Action

Your Union and You is an important step in gaining an understanding of Trade Unions and their relevance. 

The course also contains reading materials, case studies and graphics. These help to inform members about unions and their relevance in the workplace and society. The course material is mostly our own union materials, so members can relate to it. 

There is plenty of opportunity for members to get to know more about their own union – its structure and website. There is advice and encouragement on how to become more involved and engage to take action. There are quizzes so that the learner can check their own learning in a fun way. There are tutor and technical supports for the course participants.

The enthusiasm and interest shown by members who participated in a recent UNIONlink pilot course, Your Union and You, has been remarkable. These members were asked to complete a detailed feedback survey for this pilot course. Watch this video for a greater understanding:


Particular thanks to the members who willingly participated in the pilot UNIONlink programme three of these learners stated:

“I had no idea how unions have brought about real change in the lives of their members” (Mark)

“Knowledge is power, and the more members know the more confident they will be” (Louise)

“It will help members understand that they are the union” (Oisin)

Now UNIONlink eLearning training is available to Mandate members. 

If you are interested in registering for this training contact Mandate’s training Centre at 01-8369699 or

Go to the UNIONLink website for mere here: 


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