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Clean Clothes Campaign

Poverty wages, lack of rights and poor working conditions are still the norm for millions of garments workers across the world, depriving them of their internationally recognised human rights. The way the fashion industry is managed can be changed to have a more positive impact on the lives of workers in supplier countries.

Clean Clothes Campaign Ireland is a coalition of Comhlamh, Global Solidarity, ICTU, Re dress, Trócaire and Mandate. It is the newest branch of the Clean Clothes Campaign, an alliance of organisations in 15 European countries dedicated to improving working conditions and supporting empowerment of workers in the global garment and sportswear industries.

Clean Clothes Campaign Ireland is dedicated to supporting garment workers' efforts worldwide to improve their working conditions, through awareness raising, information provision and encouraging international solidarity between workers and consumers.

Clean Clothes Campaign Ireland are working together to:

  • Raise public awareness by educating and mobilising consumers.
  • Pressure companies to take responsibility for workers' rights in the entirety of their supply chains.
  • Support workers in their struggles for decent working conditions, including speaker tours and urgent appeals.
  • Campaign for governments to legislate on corporate responsibility and make a solid commitment towards implementing sustainable procurement practices

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