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Mandate Doorstep Challenge

Put the politicians to the test! Don’t leave them off the hook. Use this vital opportunity to pose important questions to candidates and canvassers on behalf of low paid workers and low income families. The more times they hear the same questions, the more attention they’ll give to the issues that count to us. Spread the word and encourage your colleagues and friends to use the "Mandate Doorstep Challenge".

The more voices the louder, the message. Click here to download.

If You Want Our Vote poster

A picture paints a thousand words so use your window to launch your message. Promote the priorities of retail workers and their friends and families by hanging the A4 poster in your window at home, at your workplace and by forwarding to your friends and family.

Let your windows do the talking!Click here to download.

Make Your Vote Count flyer

No better way to get the message across then the old face to face. Make sure everyone you meet, goes away informed and inspired with this simple but to the point flyer.

Spread the Word. Click here to download.

Mandate staff on the ground

Mandate staff are on the ground and ready to help. Find out what’s happening in your local area by contacting the shop steward or union official in your area. Details can be found on

On the Web

Join hundreds of Mandate members on social media and get involved in the election debate. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr

Mandate Ezine

The Mandate Ezine is on election overdrive. It’s the best way to keep up with what your union’s doing. Register on the website to receive our regular Ezine updates direct to your email address. Keep informed and active. Click here to register.

Keep watching the website for more election information over coming days and weeks.

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