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Mandate condemn Tesco’s irresponsible behaviour during storm Ophelia

Tesco management risking the safety of their workers Tesco workers on South West coast instructed to attend work during worst storm in 50 years Mandate Trade Union has condemned Tesco Ireland for... more

Mandate Trade Union calls on all employers to close due to life threatening storm

Mandate Trade Union has called on all employers in Ireland to close today in order to protect the health and safety of their staff. The Union... more

What type of Ireland do you want to live in?

If you think you deserve a better life, then join the Another Ireland is Possible conference on Saturday, 4th November 2017. The Right2Change campaign is about putting people... more

Housing and Workers’ Rights – Government’s failure is no accident

Straight Talking - by John Douglas The most visible manifestation of Ireland’s housing crisis is the sight of citizens curling up in sleeping bags in shop doorways... more

Dunnes Stores concede Mandate claim for 3pc pay increase

Mandate Trade Union today welcomed the announcement to award its members employed in Dunnes Stores a 3% pay increase for 2017/18 effective from 3rd October 2017.   This is the fifth consecutive... more

Employers launch campaign to stop workers from having secure incomes

This morning IBEC and the Restaurant Association of Ireland (RAI) appear to have commenced a campaign to prevent low paid and vulnerable workers from achieving any form of secure incomes.    Both... more

Mandate Trade Union warns Dublin transport plans will “ultimately cost jobs”

Mandate Trade Union, representing 40,000 workers in the retail, bar and administrative industries say the new Dublin City Centre transport plans “will have a major negative impact on the retail... more

Dunnes Workers’ Labour Court Hearing Adjourned

The Labour Court yesterday (Wednesday 2nd August 2017) adjourned the Dunnes Stores workers’ Labour Court case for six months pending the introduction of new primary legislation which has the potential... more

Mandate calls for the right to access for trade unions

Mandate President John O'Donnell moved a motion calling for the right to access for trade unions at the ICTU Biennial Delegate Conference in Belfast today (Tuesday, 4th July 2017). The... more

All Aboard The Love Train To Belfast To Support Marriage Equality!

Marriage Equality advocates want you to take the Dublin to Belfast ‘love train’ in solidarity with our LGBT+ neighbours to the North Trade Unionists for Marriage Equality is urging union members, their... more
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