Silent Night: A message for Palestine

Tuesday 15 December 2015, 01pm

Dear Friend of Palestine, 

I'm sure you are aware of the tragic events unfolding in Palestine; 118 Palestinians, including many children have been killed in the last few weeks, over 10,000 have been injured, hundreds have been arrested and today saw more airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.
We are finding it incredibly difficult to secure mainstream media traction to draw attention to the current situation and that which is reported on, tends to be biased, misleading and totally without context.  To rectify this imbalance in some way and capitalising on the time of year, we have produced a video of Silent Night overdubbed with a newscast of recent events in Bethlehem (inspired by the Simon & Garfunkel Silent Night/ 7 O'Clock News which drew attention to the Vietnam war). 
To get the message out there - we would love your help in trying to make this go viral for Christmas!  Though that sounds incredibly ambitious, if enough of you engage, it is possible for sure!  In the few hours since the video has been posted on Facebook, it has already secured over 6,500 views.  
Silent Night 2015

A Silent Night this Christmas:The city of Bethlehem prepares for a scaled-down Christmas celebration in the face of continuing Israeli violence...(Vocals: with thanks to Róisín Elsafty, Ronan Browne and Mary-Kate Danaher)

Posted by Sadaka - The Ireland Palestine Alliance on Sunday, December 13, 2015
The video is also available on youtube:
Please send the link to your friends and colleagues. 
Let's make Bethlehem the news story this Christmas time!
A huge thank you to Roisín Elsafty, Ronan Browne, Mary-Kate Danaher, Gerry Orchard, Will O' Connor and Mick Ruane for their generosity, skills and commitment in making this happen.  
In advance, many thanks for your help,
Our warmest wishes of solidarity and hope.  

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